Friday, 18 September 2009

Rainham Marshes

On a visit to essex to stay with friends last week they kindly took us to Rainham Marshes, we had never been before so it was a pleasant change. Not to much activity bird wise but still a lovely walk. We were very fortunate to see a water vole swimming about in the streams, but my dear hubby had gone wandering off again!!! with the camera, i was not amused! i must admit to feeling very privileged to see the vole beautiful creature.

Our friend said "bet you can't guess what this was built for?"
It was a wartime look out station for german submarines that tried to secretly get up the Thames river. Who would have thought it!

Again something from the war if you enlarge the picture you can read all about it!

Description of the numbers in the above photo

Wildlife at last on the pond. The small ponds where the frogs had been in the early summer were mostly dried up due to lack of rain in the area.

They are still quite cute!

I am informed by my friends that this is a little grebe
well a baby little grebe stood watching it for ages diving in and out of the water
it was really enjoying itself!

Mummy little grebe

A giant frog in one of the many streams

And again

The visitors centre has not long been built, very well equipped with telescopes dotted around that you can look through, very informative staff as well. Well worth a look in fact there is an open day tomorrow which looked good.

Took a surprise trip up to eseex last week left on the thursday and back sunday. The surprise was for the eldest grandaughter who was 16 and the family were having a bbq for her, we kept it a secret from her until we knocked on the door the afternoon of the said bbq, her face was worth the 300 mile trip (priceless in fact) she was gobsmacked. Had a fab time just family and a few friends great food and good weather. So happy belated birthday Amy! Can't believe she is 16 makes me feel very very old!!!


Tricia said...

Glad you enjoyed your birding visit J :D It's been a quiet time for birds but will get busier towards the Autumn. And to see a water vole - lovely :D

What a wonderful way for your granddaughter to celebrate a 16th birthday with a surprise visit from her grandparents!!

Pete said...

mummy little grebe is a coot !

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Ah sweet sixteen. Amy must have been so thrilled to see you both. Sadly I don't even remember my
16th. Happy Birthday sweet Amy. Linda xoxo

avalon said...

Tricia: The water vole was great to watch.

Pete: Thanks for that never make a good birder will i my friend gave me the wrong info!

Linda: Awe thanks she loved the party and us being there. Know what you mean about not remembering the 16th birthday x