Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My Holiday of a lifetime

Well i know it has been ages since i last blogged, but i have had a great reason why.
I have been on holiday to far distant shores for five weeks in total, a holiday of a lifetime. San Fransisco, New Zealand, Sydney and Singapore !!!.
Had a wonderful time, exhausting but worth every minute of the travelling.
As you can imagine there were many pictures taken 2500 in total, but we are slowly picking out our favourites.
I have decided to break them up into smaller parts or we will be here for another year looking through them.

Started off in San Fransisco on the 20th January 2010.
I love this place city so much, been fortunate to be there in summer and now winter, both having different aspects in the different seasons.
We left uk in the freezing snow covered land and arrived to a very large storm in America , it was pouring and the wind was howling, weather forecast for the three days we were there AWFULL ! Just togged up in the wets and off we went to explore.
Did a trip on a coach so we could get to see the famous bridge and Golden gate park.
Got thoroughly wind swept as you can see. Got back to the hotel where an open log fire was burning and a welcoming wine tasting was arranged, "ah i've arrived"
San Fran is such a diverse city wonderful shopping malls the sights obviously, but you also get the rough sides with many beggars and homeless people walking with their whole life in a shopping trolley, sad! But i still love it, riding on the cable cars from Powell to Market street down those famous hills! Great food, certainly great wine , we were like children in a sweet shop looking in the supermarkets stocked with our favourite Californian wines! Seeing the bridge and Alcatraz in the bay is magical to me whatever the weather.

The famous cable car there are now only three left in the city

View of Golden Gate park from the bandstand where it was dry

One of the many painted building in the city

My favourite photo , i was wet windswept but i didn't care
"I am in San Fransisco"

The weather was so bad, but it still has a magic about it!

Another wonderful view

Taken from the cable car

One of thos famous hills with the sheer drop down with a view of the bay

The many skyscrapers that adorn the city

New Zealand will come in the next post.
Hope my followers are still there?


Tricia said...

I'm not going to say that I'm not jealous 'cause that would be outrageously untrue.

What a wonderful time regardless of the weather, but the windswept photo of you will be such a great memento as well as the fantastic views you had. Some great pictures there and I read your post through right to the end..... bring on the next one please ;) :D

Pete said...

i am not jealous i am not jealous

Linda said...

Welcome back, I've been wondering where you have been. Pity you didn't come to the Gold Coast for a cup of tea, forget the tea how about a glass of wonderful Australian wine:) Looking forward to reading and seeing photo's of your trip. I loved San Francisco, gee that's sad to read there are only 3 cable cars left. Looking forward to reading more about your trip. Linda xox PS I have just started my own little blog

avalon said...

Tricia: Thankyou San Fran is beautiful whatever the weather, sorry you were jealous LOL

Pete: Me thinks you are telling fibs.

oldcrow61 said...

Love the pictures. Roger has been there a few times and really likes it as well. Sounds like you had a great time.

Robert said...

New to blogging thanks to my trip to Nepal. Enjoyed reading of your adventure and the photographs. Will come back and see what is next. My blog is sevenweeksinnepal.blogspot.com

thanks again

Naimi said...

You took amazing picture! Love it.

avalon said...

Linda: The glass of wine would have been lovely, thanks for the offer LOL Glad you have a blog now x

avalon said...

OC: Thanks it is a wonderfull city. Had a great time just went to quickly!

Robert. Thanks so much for dropping by, glad you liked the blg. Will be seeing your trip to nepal now.

Naimi: Thankyou.