Sunday, 15 November 2009

A trip on the london eye

Well i am making a conscious effort to blog more i am afraid to say facebook and farmville have taken over the past weeks shameful !!.
Anyway these are a few photos taken on the London Eye a couple of weeks ago. It was a birthday treat for my eldest daughter who had never been before she really loved it, we made a day of it and went out to lunch afterwards to a restaurant in covent garden called Wahaccas, a former masterchef winners restaurant superb food mexican food all freshly cooked to order all washed down with a lovely margarita, delicious! We finished off the day by shopping and ended up at Gordon Ramsays wine bar to end our day. It was lovely to spend time with both my daughters at the same time, does not happen as often as we would like so it was very special for me to have that time with them.

View taken leading up to the eye

Loved the shape of this building down below us.
As can be seen it was quite misty.

Some of Londons great buildings

Got snap happy with Big Ben took so many.
One of the most iconic buildings of London

Another one !!!!

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben from above
in the pod.

I just loved the angles and workings that could
be seen whilst in the pod on the eye itself

View from our pod onto the other, with a view of the
Thames in the background

From our pod the other one looked like it was
suspended in mid air

Quite a good view with the buildings down below.
Good job i am not scared of heights!

An empty pod shell

My favourite picture, to me it just captures everything
the eye is, an amazing piece of engineering

Just another angle from within the pod.

Planning to go on the Eye again at some point at night this time views would be wonderful.
Been a hectic couple of weeks seeing family and friends great to catch up with people who i had not seen for ages, crammed so much in one week, but loved every minute.
Sue our youngest daughter went home yesterday after spending a week with us, the house is so quiet today miss her already xxxx but we had a nice relaxing time together plenty of chats and hugs and laughs, so thankyou Sue .


Mobi said...

An interesting blog and beautiful pictures. I am glad that I found.
Best regards

avalon said...

Mobi: Thankyou so much glad you dropped by. Glad you liked the pictures

Tricia said...

What a wonderful couple of weeks you've had J. Great pictures from, and of, the eye - despite the misty day. I'm now looking forward to some night time pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, so that's where you've been! I was missing you. I'm happy to be on Facebook, but I'm afraid that I let Farmville, leather pillows and the like pass me by.

avalon said...

Tricia: Thanks it was a hectic but really great two weeks. You may have to waiting a while for the night time pics of the eye LOL

Angie: Aw thanks for missing me x
Once you start these facebook things you are hooked, so be warned!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Avalon (great name- that lost mythical Isle)

Hello my name is Helen, I have been swopping comments with Angie's blog and that's where I found your comment and then your blog. I live pretty close to you and Angie by the looks of it. I hope we can keep in touch.

Love London, don't get up country much at the moment. have a good day.

oldcrow61 said...

I don't know if I'd want to be up in one of those pods. Looks scary to me, lol. You did get some great pictures though.

suerte said...

I like your enthousiasm and I love your amazing pictures!

janette-salvador gonzaga said...

Hi, Avalon! I stumbled upon your blog and what wondrous discovery! I love your blog and the pictures. I'm Janette, from the Philippines. I love nature scenes but pity I don't have much time to go nature tripping. I have a blog, I hope we can keep in touch .