Saturday, 22 November 2008

Quick update

Busy for the last few weeks, time has just flown past.
Mum is still in hospital seems to be a little more settled, i have to go up this week to see the head consultant to hear about her progress and to see about the after care programme, we are still trying to get mum to agree to get a warden controlled flat but without to much success at the moment, she thinks it will be to much of an upheaval so we are working on that one!
Had a great week with our daughter and two of her friends they were such good company they really brought the house to life, such a lovely couple a pleasure to have them.
Had a lovely few days away in dorset with our daughter weather was cold but dry did lots of walking, eating and drinking perfect! Went fossil hunting but the only two fossils that our daughter found were Tony and myself HA HA!
The week before we had friends down for a few days which was really nice it was great because we got to be tourists and showed them around down in the lizard peninsular, padstow and a walk on the coastal path at lundy hole.
As i said i am up to london tuesday and wednesday, we also have a concert booked to see members of the Jayhawks really looking forward to that, then back thursday until friday when i am off to the good food show in birmingham with friends going to see gordon ramsay at the show theatre, we may even get to meet him as my friends nephew works for him fingers crossed! can't wait to try all those freebie tasters and of course the wine tasting , i will come back a stone heavier, hoping to get some foodie christmas presents as well.


Tricia said...

My goodness - have have been busy!

Glad to hear that your Mum is more settled. I do hope she can feel ready to move into somewhere where she can have someone on hand to keep an eye on things. Not easy I know - especially if your Mum (like mine) is used to being independent.

Dorset sounds a great break - a lovely county to be in.

Bon Appetit for the food show - yummy!

avalon said...

Tricia: certainly was busy, it is a worry about mum but we will get there i'm sure, looking forward to the good food show i must admit and it will be an all girlie weekend even better!!